March 21, 2023

The world of golf iron sets is vast, with a wide range of options catering to various skill levels and preferences. Among the myriad of choices available, Titleist T100 Irons have garnered significant attention for their impressive features and performance, particularly among experienced golfers. [no_toc]

In this comprehensive review, we will dive deep into the aspects that make the Titleist T100 Irons stand out, the unique features they offer, and how they perform in real-world situations. We will also discuss their pros and cons to provide a well-rounded perspective and help you make an informed decision.

Why Listen to Us?

Linda Parker, a lifelong golf enthusiast with a rich background in the sport, leads our review team. Her mother was an LPGA pro, and Linda has been exposed to golf and the PGA tour since her early childhood. Growing up with Titleist golf clubs, Linda has extensive experience with various clubs and manufacturers in the golf industry.

In this review, Linda and her friend Tim, a fellow golf partner, will share their insights and hands-on experience with the T100 Irons. Their combined expertise will offer valuable guidance for those considering investing in this particular set of irons.

Titleist T100 Irons Features

Before we delve into our real-world experience with the T100 Irons, let’s explore their notable features and what makes them unique:

  1. Innovative Design: The Irons boast a tour iron design that eliminates weld points and features precise CG placement. This results in a seamless striking surface and a more uniform edge, contributing to the clubs’ overall performance. The design is both aesthetically appealing and functional, combining modern and classic elements.

  2. Premium Forged Feel: The T100’s incorporate dense D18 tungsten weighting and a 2000°F brazing process commonly used in aerospace construction. This fusion of materials and techniques delivers a forged-like and very solid feel, dual cavity construction, with exceptional precision and solidity at impact.

  3. Player Performance Model Category: Golf irons are classified based on the benefits they offer users. In the case of the T100’s, they provide:

    a. Player Distance: They cater to players seeking distance. Titleist’s Tour players have praised the irons for their quick feel through the turf and excellent turf interaction. Furthermore, the irons’ versatility allows for optimal performance from various lies.

    b. Workability: The T100’s feature minimal offset and a compact blade length. These factors enhance workability and enable players to shape their shots effectively.

  4. Compact Head Shape: The Irons’ compact head shape makes them suitable for mid to high-handicap players. Although the smaller sweet spot may pose challenges for beginners, the head shape offers increased precision and control for more experienced players.

  5. Complete Set Makeup: The Irons set includes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, and W clubs, providing players with all the necessary components to excel on the course.

  6. Workable Overall Forgiveness: While the Irons may not be the most forgiving option, they still offer a level of forgiveness that can benefit professional golfers or athletes who have developed their skills.Titleist T100 Irons Set

  7. More Uniform Leading Edge: Titleist claims that the T100’s feature a continuous face construction, resulting in a seamless striking area and uniform leading edge for enhanced consistency.

  8. Titleist T100 Handicap Range: The T100 Irons’ handicap range falls between 10 and 19, making them an ideal choice for mid to high-handicap players.

Titleist T100 Irons Features

Our Experience with the Titleist T100 Irons

Having outlined the features of the T100’s, let’s discuss our personal experience with this remarkable set of golf clubs:

  1. Best Suited for “Better Players”: Both Tim and Linda were impressed with their performance and design. The D18 density tungsten weighting, Tour-contoured sole design, and brushed chrome finish contribute to a sophisticated appearance and outstanding functionality.

  2. Used by the Pros: Many tour professionals, including Jordan Spieth (at the open championship) where he finished 2nd place using Titleist’s most popular model, Will Zalatoris, Max Homa, Lanto Griffin, and Cameron Smith, have chosen the T100 as their preferred clubs. This endorsement from top-level players further highlights the irons’ exceptional performance and quality.

  3. Not a Forgiving Set for Beginners: While the T100 irons have many positive attributes, they may not be the best iron option for beginners due to their lower forgiveness levels. The irons are designed with experienced players in mind, assuming users have developed muscle memory and golfing skills over time. As such, beginners may struggle to harness the full potential of the T100 Irons.

Pros & Cons of the T100 Irons Set:

Pros & Cons of the T100 Irons Set


  • Favored by Pros: The T100s’ popularity among professional golfers speaks volumes about their quality and performance. In fact, they’ve been used by more golf pros than any other iron in the world!

  • Crafted with Aerospace Technology: The incorporation of aerospace materials and design elements results in a seamless surface and enhanced aerodynamics.

  • Ideal for Players with a High Handicap Range: Experienced players seeking to elevate their game can greatly benefit from the T100 set.


  • Low Forgiveness: Beginners may find the T100 difficult to control due to their lower forgiveness levels.

  • Not Ideal for Beginners: The thin top line and other design elements may be intimidating for inexperienced players seeking extra distance.

  • High Price Point: The T100 irons are not the most budget-friendly option, potentially deterring some potential buyers.

Titleist T100 Irons vs. Competing Clubs

Feature Titleist T100 Irons Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons TaylorMade P790 Irons
Ideal for Advanced golfers Advanced golfers Advanced golfers
Forgiveness Low Medium Medium
Distance Good Excellent Excellent
Workability Excellent Good Good
Feel Premium forged feel Premium forged feel Soft forged feel
Clubhead Design Compact Compact Slightly larger
Technology D18 tungsten weights, Tour-contoured sole A.I. optimized center of gravity SpeedFoam, Thru-Slot Speed Pocket
Key Benefits Precision, control Distance, forgiveness Distance, forgiveness
Suitable for Mid to high-handicap players Mid to high-handicap players Mid to high-handicap players, players seeking more forgiveness in a players’ iron

When considering the purchase of a new set of golf irons, it is essential to compare the product of interest with other competing clubs on the market. In this case, we will compare the Titleist T100 to two popular alternatives: the Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons and the TaylorMade P790 Irons.

Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons

The Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons are designed for skilled golfers who prioritize performance, control, and feel. Just like the Titleist T100, the Apex Pro 21 Irons are forged, resulting in a premium feel and consistency. However, Callaway’s A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology distinguishes their clubs by optimizing the center of gravity for each iron in the set.

Compared to the Titleist T100 , the Apex Pro 21 Irons may offer a slightly higher level of forgiveness, making them more suitable for golfers who occasionally mis-hit shots but still want players irons. Additionally, the Apex Pro 21 Irons are known for their impressive distance and ball flight & speed, which some golfers may find advantageous.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

The TaylorMade P790 Irons are another popular option for advanced players, combining forged construction with a hollow body design. These irons feature TaylorMade’s SpeedFoam technology, which fills the clubhead to improve feel and increase ball flight & ball speed.

The P790 Irons also boast a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, which enhances flexibility and forgiveness on low-face strikes.

While the Titleist T100 Iron prioritizes more precision and better control, the P790 Irons excel in distance and forgiveness, making them a viable option for golfers seeking to play a players iron with added playability. Some golfers may prefer the P790’s sleek design and the added confidence provided by the larger clubhead.


Each of the three iron sets discussed above caters to advanced golfers who demand premium performance and control. While the Titleist T100 offers excellent workability, a compact head shape, and a forged irons feel, they may not be as forgiving as the Callaway Apex Pro 21 Irons or the TaylorMade P790 Irons.

Players who prioritize distance and forgiveness in a players iron should consider the Apex Pro 21 Irons or the P790 Irons. In contrast, those seeking a more traditional, workable golf club with a focus on precision and control will likely find the Titleist T100 and T Series irons to be an excellent fit.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on each golfer’s individual preferences and playing style. Testing the clubs in person or seeking professional fitting advice can help ensure the optimal selection for your game. For us, however, we absolutely loved them, as these irons offer everything we want, and then some.

Review & Final Verdict (4.5/5)

Titleist T100 Iron

In conclusion to our full review, the Titleist T100 irons are an excellent choice for experienced golfers seeking clubs to help them improve their game. These new irons will offer a premium forged irons feel, consistent distances with every shot, and improved forgiveness compared to other options on the market.

While the T100 may not be ideal for beginners, they remain an outstanding option for golfers with a higher handicap. If you are an experienced golfer looking to upgrade your clubs, the Titleist T100 should be at the top of your list.

Now that we have covered the essential aspects of the T100 Irons, we hope this full review provides valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. As always, we encourage you to try out clubs yourself to gauge their suitability for your specific needs and preferences. Happy golfing!

T100 Iron FAQs

For golfers who play the T100 irons, there are a few frequently asked questions.

Q: What are the benefits of the Titleist T100 irons?

A: The Titleist T100 irons offer PGA Tour-proven performance and playability for golfers of all levels. The thin topline, different lies, and variable bounce design provide better turf interaction and stopping power, while the muscle channel offers a lower, deeper center of gravity for longer, more consistent shots. The stronger lofts also provide increased distance and accuracy.

Q: Where can I purchase Titleist T100 irons?

A: The Titleist T100 irons can be purchased from the PGA Superstore or other golf retailers.

Q: How do the Titleist T100 irons compare to other T series irons?

A: The Titleist T100 irons feature a thinner topline, different lies, and variable bounce design for better turf interaction and stopping power, as well as a muscle channel for a lower, deeper center of gravity for longer, more consistent shots. The T100 irons also have stronger lofts than other T series irons, making them ideal for players looking for increased distance and accuracy.

Answer these questions for me, in a casual tone, Please keep the questions listed, then answer each one – bold the questions:

What handicap are Titleist T100 irons for?

The Titleist T100 irons are designed for mid to low-handicap players.

Are Titleist T100 considered blades?

No, the Titleist T100 irons are considered players’ distance irons.

Are Titleist T100 irons easy to hit?

Yes, the Titleist T100 irons are designed to be easy to hit and provide maximum distance.

Who are the T100 Irons aimed at?

The Titleist T100 irons are aimed at mid- to low-handicap players who are looking for a combination of distance and control.

Do any tour pros play T100?

Yes, several tour pros have been seen playing the Titleist T100 irons, including Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth.

Are Titleist T100 better than T200?

It really depends on your individual needs and preferences. The T100 irons are designed to be more forgiving and provide more distance, while the T200 irons are designed to have a more compact look and provide more control.

Is T100 or T100S more forgiving?

The T100 irons are more forgiving than the T100S irons, as they have a larger profile and a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI). Related Titleist T100 vs T100s

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My name is Linda Parker, I’ve been around golf since I was born, and I’ve been golfing since I was four years old!

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  • Thank you for you insight Linda.
    I carry a 6 handicap and I have been playing the t100 iron set 4-pitch wedge with r300 tour issue shaft since 2022…..
    Love them.
    Excellent control , distance and workability
    Your comments and observations are spot on.
    Hit ‘em well.

    • Thank you, Dr. Barnett George, for your feedback on my review.

      I truly appreciate your input and are glad to hear that you have been enjoying the T100 iron set with the R300 tour issue shaft!

      I will continue to provide valuable insights, and hope you keep hitting ’em well…as well! 🙂

      Thank you again for your comment!


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