April 9, 2023


Taylormade Sim 2 Max Irons Review.

Who can play golf without golf clubs? Whether you’re a beginner or someone who's been playing for some time, investing in quality clubs (including golf irons) can never be a setback.

With that being said, not all clubs are made equally.

Some prioritize forgiveness which wis vital for newbies while others make clubs best suited for seasoned professionals.

Some though, are just out for your money. 

Luckily, we’re here to sort the good ones from the bad ones.

Why Listen To Me?

My name is Linda Parker, my mom was a LPGA pro before my parents met, and I’ve been around golf since before I could walk. Throughout my golfing journey, I have played with countless clubs, participated in various golf tournaments, and even worked as a golf instructor. This experience has given me unique insight into the quality and performance of various golf products.

The Sim Max 2 Irons are the 2021 update to the already popular Sim Max Irons.  For most info on that, check out our post Taylormade Sim2 vs Sim2 Max.  That said, do they stand up to the test?

Well...I used the Taylormade Sim 2 Max Irons for 30 days in beautiful San Diego, California.  

In this particular article, I'll tell you exactly what we loved and hated about using them.

Testing The Taylormade Sim 2 Max Irons

Taylormade Sim 2 Max Irons Features:

  • Back Design The all-new cap back design sports high-strength stainless steel and ultralightweight polymers. This makes for a club head that’s strong as much as it’s lightweight. This feature also helps maximize distance, forgiveness and feel with an extremely low CG.
  • Forgiving Face Forgiveness is the feature of the club that allows players to make contact with the ball even in less than perfect swings. With this in mind, the all-new SIM2 Max irons use a fast and forgiving face to give golfers more performance exactly where they need it. While even professional golfers benefit from a little forgiveness, too much forgiveness sacrifices accuracy. We discuss this feature more in the section where we talk about what we experienced using this set below.
  • New ECHO Damping System The new ECHO Damping System uses a softer polymer blend and multiple contact points across the face to channel away harsh vibrations, creating a forged iron-like feel. Too many vibrations can hurt the accuracy of your shots and diminish the distance of the ball. With this system, face flexibility is maximized.
  • Progressive Inverted Cone Technology Each face has been uniquely designed to position the Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) on each iron face to optimize forgiveness and minimize sidespin to counteract the common right miss.

My Thoughts After 30 Days Of Using Them

Sim Max 2 Irons

We used this bad boy for 30 days around various courses in San Diego, and here are some of the things that stood out!

They look great

The first and foremost thing that caught our attention when we first got the Taylormade Sim 2 Max is its impressive look.

You can tell just by looking at it that it is the finest in A.I. Technology went into the crafting of it. 

On par with the recent trend in club design, the colors are downplayed here. The clubs favor a more modern, minimalist approach to their design.

It almost looks like something that would have been made by aliens or some advanced civilization of golfers from the future.

If you care about making appearances on the golf course, the Taylormade Sim 2 Max is a pretty stylish set to have.

Really Satisfying Sound

Upon using the clubs, one can notice quite the audible “snap” sound upon intact. This is the satisfying sound you hear when you make a clean impact.

When you make a mishit, the sound is slightly ugly. This is a welcomed feature since it allowed us to find the right trajectory to make an impact consistently.

Sound is often an overlooked aspect in iron consideration which is disheartening. To those who know, you can always tell when a golfer makes a poor shot just by the sound it makes on impact. 

That 'Classic Forged Iron' Feel

When it comes to how the club feels, the only thing I can think of to describe it is that it’s a great marriage of traditional and modern sensibilities.

It definitely has that forged-iron feel that makes one automatically think of the olden days when golf clubs are literally made out of forged iron.

On the other hand, the overall design, from heel to toe is reminiscent of all the innovations of the modern age.

It carries vibrations just enough to feel when you make contact but not too much to be unwieldy. One can easily feel the point of impact without much difficulty.

Understated Design

On par with the recent trend in club design, bright colors, and attention-grabbing texts are minimized here. The clubs favor a more modern, minimalist approach to their design.

It almost looks like something that would have been made by aliens or some advanced civilization of golfers from the future.

If you care about making appearances on the golf course, the Taylormade Sim 2 Max is a pretty stylish set to have.

Overall Performance

Of course, this is what you’re all here for.

It’s time to talk about how this club performs when actually being used on the course.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it did not disappoint.

While testing the iron, I found that the Taylormade Sim 2 Max was the most effective when hitting launching shots downrange.   

The 7-iron, for example, provides a medium trajectory with what appeared to be mid-low spin and an average carry distance of around 180 yards.

In terms of specific measurements, the 7-iron consistently delivered 180 yards of carry, with a 10-yard variance for mishits. 

The 5-iron produced an average of 215 yards of carry, while the pitching wedge covered about 135 yards.

This consistent performance is a testament to the effectiveness of the Sim 2 Max Irons.

We lent out the clubs to newbies on the course and even they recognized the difference.

The clubhead designs and high overall forgiveness proves to be beneficial for beginners. 

We managed to do most of anything with the iron sets so it should be good even with amateur to professional players. 

Additionally, as a long-time golfer, I appreciate the balance and control the Sim 2 Max Irons offer. The overall feel of the club during swings is incredibly comfortable, and it consistently provides solid contact with the ball.

The SIM2 Max iron shines in forgiveness. It performs admirably in maintaining ball speed on mishits and generating constant launch angles and spin for an iron that isn't excessively enormous.

Consistent velocity, launch, and spin are all important components in producing longer, more accurate distances.

We only encountered 2 problems when using this set:

  • Firstly, forgiveness can sometimes conflict with accuracy. Hitting the ball isn't the same as ensuring it lands where it’s supposed to after all.
  • The other problem is the shaft. We recommend that you pair them with a shaft that fits your swing rather than keeping them as-is. 

Pros & Cons


  • A.I. Design. It’s designed by some of the brightest mere
  • Consistent Performance. This is a fairly reliable set to attain. If you want a set that offers consistently speed and distance over anything else, then the Taylormade Sim 2 Max is a great option.
  • Great Price Point. In terms of pricing, the set is quite reasonable.
  • Let's be honest here, it looks amazing too! 


  • Better for beginners than professionals
  • It Might Require Multiple Purchases to Have a Complete Set. One of the main problems people have with this set is that, depending on where you purchase, some of the more specialized clubs require a separate purchase.
  • The Shafts Might Be A Problem. The shafts might take some getting used to if not be replaced altogether.

Review & Final Verdict (4.5/5)

And that was all we have to say about the Taylormade Sim 2 Max.

Had the clubs been as accurate as they are forgiving, then we would have forgiven its other flaws such as the shaft. Despite all this, it’s still a pretty strong outing from TaylorMade.

The clubs are dependable enough to give both newbies and amateurs their money’s worth.

Though professionals might still find this club set enjoyable, it’ll take a little more to truly be pro-level. When all is said and done, we would still recommend the Taylormade Sim 2 Max for purchase.

To help you make a well-informed decision, we have compared the Sim 2 Max Irons with its competitors, such as the Callaway Apex 21 and the Titleist T300. 

Golf Iron SetDistance & ForgivenessFeelDesign & SoundPrice PointOverall Value
Taylormade Sim 2 MaxExcellentGreatStriking & SatisfyingAffordableHigh
Callaway Apex 21ImpressiveFalls ShortGoodHigherModerate
Titleist T300Similar PerformanceGoodLacks Striking Design & Satisfying SoundComparableModerate

While the Callaway Apex 21 boasts impressive distance and forgiveness, it falls short in terms of feel and price point.

The Titleist T300, on the other hand, offers a similar level of performance but lacks the striking design and satisfying sound of the Sim 2 Max Irons.

Ultimately, the Taylormade Sim 2 Max stands out due to its combination of performance, aesthetics, and affordability.

About the author 

Linda Parker

My name is Linda Parker, I’ve been around golf since I was born, and I’ve been golfing since I was four years old!

I’m here to share my love of the game with you, so please do let me know if you have any questions!

  • Hi

    Great writing very informative,

    I am looking at the SIM2 VS the Titleist T300 irons as a new purchase, im currently using the P 790 , 2019 edition and i cant get the hang of them

    What would you recommend?

    Thanking you in advance

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Rudi,

      Thank you for your kind words and for reaching out with your question!

      The TaylorMade SIM2 Max and Titleist T300 irons are both excellent choices for golfers looking for game improvement clubs. They each offer a combination of distance, forgiveness, and feel.

      The SIM2 Max irons are known for their explosive distance and high launch, thanks to their Speed Bridge technology and ECHO Damping System. These irons could help you achieve greater distance while maintaining a soft feel at impact.

      On the other hand, the Titleist T300 irons boast a modern cavity-back design and Max Impact technology that provides consistent distance and forgiveness across the face. These irons are designed to deliver a combination of playability, distance, and forgiveness, making them suitable for a wide range of golfers.

      Since you’re currently using the TaylorMade P790 (2019 edition) and are not getting along with them, it might be worth trying something different. The Titleist T300 irons could potentially offer a better fit for your game, with a more forgiving design that still delivers on distance and performance.

      However, it’s essential to try both the SIM2 Max and Titleist T300 irons in person or get a professional fitting to find the right clubs for your swing and playstyle. This will help ensure you’re making the best investment for your game.

      I hope this helps, Rudi! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck with your decision!

      Kind Regards

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