June 25, 2022

Callaway Edge Irons Review (The Costco Clubs!)

Callaway is the kind of brand that only those who have spent some time with the sport know about. It might not be as famous as TaylorMade or Mizsuno, many novice golfers make the mistake of writing it off as just an alternative brand. Callaway, in fact, is a brand that’s well-loved by professionals. 

Among all their many notable offerings, the Callaway Edge seems to be the one making the most waves in the market currently. Used by some professionals and many newbies, adaptability between different handicap ranges is a quality that not many iron models have.

Why Listen To Me?

My name is Linda Parker, my mom was a LPGA pro before my parents met, and I’ve been around golf since before I could walk.

To see if they're any good, we used the Callaway Edge Irons (and others) for roughly 30 days at some of our favorite California golf courses.

In this article, we’ll go over the most notable features of the Callaway Edge iron set, explain what we experienced after 30 days of using them, and enumerate their pros and cons. That way, you can decide for yourself whether or not the set is worth the purchase. 

Callaway Edge Irons Review

Callaway Edge Irons Notable Features

  • Graphite Shaft. Although shafts can come in many different materials, graphite seems one of the most common choices. This is due, in large part, to how safe it is to use for golfers of all skill levels. Lightweight yet flexible, graphite allows for seamless transfer of energy without being difficult to carry. But because it’s so light, graphite is not as suited for expressing raw power with your shots. 
  • Made with Titanium. Titanium is also lightweight and durable. The logic behind this, we assume, is the same as using graphite for the shaft. You have a flexible set, transfer the energy of your swing efficiently enough, and are durable enough to be a good investment too. 
  • Cavity back design. All of the clubs in this set sport a cavity back design. This means that they’re considered game improvement irons, intended for high handicappers to learn or get lower handicaps. As such, the model is quite forgiving. 
  • Forgiveness. Forgiveness is characterized by the ability of a club to make contact and launch a ball even in less than stellar shots. Being game improvement irons, the faces of the Callaway Edge irons are pretty forgiving on off-center hits. And because of the use of lighter materials, slower swingers will find they get a bit of extra whip, and attain some more distance. Dispersion is also tighter, providing a balance that means catching a shot a little off the toe shouldn’t result in too many lost yards.

What We Experienced Using Them:

The thing that intrigued us the most about the Callaway Edge, the thing that drove us to review it in the first place, is the surprising lack of any information about it on the internet.

The Callaway Edge is not listed on any of the Callaway websites and you’ll have just as hard a time trying to buy it on any major golf retails shops online. The only places one can find the Callaway Edge is Costco, and only recently Amazon (sometimes) or eBay.

This has led some to label them as the secret golf clubs.

Our initial thoughts

Once we finally got our hands on this iron set, we were surprised almost immediately by how light they are. It seems that even children can pick them up with ease. Though being easy to carry is definitely a plus, it raised some doubts in us on whether they can perform. 

A little weight is necessary after all since it helps add more momentum to your swings. What’s certain is that slow swingers can benefit greatly from the feathery weight and low center of gravity sported by the Callaway Edge.

Despite being quite affordable, the black and green design of these clubs lends them that premium look that went nicely on the golf bag.

After using on a golf course

The clubs produce a nice solid sound upon making contact with the ball. Feedback, as a result, was quite nice considering that this seems to be marketed more towards beginners. The spin generated by this set seems decent too and they’re great when hitting into the green. The ball bounced once and then landed on a full stop, which means one can make fairly accurate shots with this ball without worrying about it rolling in another direction.

Although some of the most forgiving sets we’ve ever played with, they are thankfully not as bulky as other beginner’s sets. The matte black finish was also great at preventing any glare reflected from the sun, something that premium, chrome-like clubs often.

Our thoughts after 30 days

It became obvious to us after the first initial test that this set is better suited for beginners. After about a month of use, we rarely did not hit the ball even when we made off-center shots intentionally. That being said, distance and speed are only serviceable, not spectacular. 

Pros & Cons


  • Great forgiveness for beginners
  • Affordably Priced. This set is a great option for the golfer on a budget but is still looking for quality. In fact, it might even be the most ideal budget option we’d recommend.
  • Easy to use. Being quite forgiving and lightweight, it does not take much to use these clubs to their fullest potential. Perfect for golfers just starting out.
  • Stylish Design. Despite the low price point, the set is nicely designed and sits well on the golf bag without too much glare.
  • Great for beginners or high handicappers. The best kinds of golfers that would love the Callaway Edge are beginners or high handicappers. It’ll give them the ability to keep up in a game and teach them how to swing correctly.


  • Hard to find in the market. If you’re not a fan of Amazon or don’t live near a Costco, then this set might be hard to come by.
  • Not suitable for experienced golfers - Might be lacking for some. Being a beginner’s set, it might be less than ideal for mid to low handicappers.

Callaway Edge Golf Clubs Review & Final Verdict (4.5/5)

The Callaway Edge Irons are nothing spectacular but we can say with confidence that you’re likely not going to regret investing in it, assuming you're a beginner.

We think that the Callaway Edge Golf Clubs are a great investment for beginners. If you’re looking for an affordable and quality set of irons, then this is definitely the set for you.

>> Click Here To See If They're Available on Amazon At The Moment

They're hard to come by lately - if they're not on Amazon, and you still want to pick up a set of Callaway Edge Irons, you can try your local Costco score, or perhaps eBay.

What I recommend Instead

For Beginners: If you'd rather get a set that's easier to get your hands on, the TaylorMade Sim Max Irons or the Srixon zx5 Irons might be better suited for you, and are EXCELLENT sets for beginners!

However, if you’re an experienced golfer, then we recommend looking elsewhere as there are better options out there for you, such as the Titleist T100 Irons, Or the Callaway Big Bertha Iron Set

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My name is Linda Parker, I’ve been around golf since I was born, and I’ve been golfing since I was four years old!

I’m here to share my love of the game with you, so please do let me know if you have any questions!

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