September 16, 2023

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls

Have you ever wondered who makes the Kirkland golf balls that have taken the golf industry by storm?

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of Kirkland golf balls, compare them to top brands, and explore the impact they’ve had on the golf market. Get ready for an eye-opening journey into the world of Kirkland golf!

Unveiling the Manufacturer of Kirkland Golf Balls for Costco

Kirkland Golf Balls
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The Kirkland Signature golf balls, also known as Costco golf balls, are manufactured by the Chinese sports equipment company Qingdao SM Parker.

Known for their quality and durability, Kirkland golf balls demonstrate good longevity, even with faster swing speeds, making them a great option for budget-conscious golfers.

These golf balls are designed to provide a consistent flight path and a soft feel, making them ideal for golfers.

Qingdao SM Parker

Located in Qingdao City, China, Qingdao SM is located in the heart of Qingdao City. Parker specializes in the production of golf balls, including the popular Kirkland golf balls sold by Costco. This company is accountable for ensuring that they maintain their reputation for quality and affordability, making them a sought-after option for golf enthusiasts.

Nassau Golf Connection

Although not officially confirmed, some reports suggest a connection between Kirkland golf balls and Nassau Golf, a Korean corporation. This possible connection adds another layer of intrigue to the production process of Kirkland golf balls.

Despite the uncertainty, one thing is clear – they continue to be a popular choice among golfers.

The Signature Golf Ball Range

Kirkland Golf Balls Range

The Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Range consists of the widely popular Performance+ 3-piece golf ball. However, their 4-piece ball was discontinued due to legal and quality issues.

The Performance+ 3-piece popular golf ball is known for its affordability and performance, making it an attractive option for golfers of all levels who are looking for premium balls.

The Discontinued Kirkland 4-Piece Ball

The Kirkland 4-piece golf ball faced legal challenges and quality issues, leading to its discontinuation. Here is what happened.

  • Acushnet Holdings Co., the manufacturer of Titleist golf balls, filed a lawsuit against the 4-piece golf balls, alleging 10 counts of patent violations.
  • The matter was resolved outside of court.
  • The selling and manufacturing of the 4-piece golf balls were discontinued.

Comparing Kirkland Golf Balls to Top Brands

They are often compared to top brands like Titleist and Callaway, as they exhibit comparable results in terms of distance, spin, and accuracy. Moreover, the Kirkland golf ball is significantly more affordable than its premium competitors, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious golfers.

Kirkland golf balls offer great value for the money, as they provide performance that is excellent.

FeatureKirkland SignatureTitleistCallaway
PerformanceGood balance between distance and controlExcellent distance, control, and consistencyVariety of options for different playing styles
DistanceComparable to premium brandsSuperiorComparable to Kirkland
Spin & AccuracyComparable to premium brandsSuperiorComparable to Kirkland
CompressionHigher than budget ballsVaries by modelVaries by model
PriceSignificantly more affordablePremium pricingPremium pricing
Suitable ForBudget-conscious golfersSerious and professional golfersSerious and professional golfers

Titleist Comparison

Titleist is one of the most recognized brands in golf, known for producing high-quality golf balls.


Titleist golf balls, particularly the Pro V1 series, are known for their exceptional performance. They offer excellent distance, control, and consistency. Many professional golfers prefer Titleist for its superior technology and design.


Titleist golf balls are priced at the premium end of the market. They are more expensive than Kirkland Signature but are often considered worth the investment for serious golfers.

Callaway Comparison

Callaway is another leading brand in the golf industry, offering a wide range of golf balls.


Callaway golf balls are known for their innovative technology and design. They offer a variety of options to suit different playing styles, from distance-oriented balls to those focused on control and feel.


Callaway’s pricing is similar to Titleist, with premium options available. They offer a range of golf balls at different price points to cater to various skill levels and preferences.

Costco’s Expansion into Golf Equipment

Due to the success of their golf balls, Costco has ventured into golf equipment, providing budget golf clubs. This expansion into golf equipment further demonstrates Costco’s commitment to offering quality products at competitive prices, making the sport of golf more accessible for budget-conscious golfers.

Costco’s commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices, including Costco sell golf clubs, has made golf more accessible to those on a budget.

Kirkland Golf Clubs

Kirkland Golf Clubs

Kirkland golf clubs are produced by Southern California Design Company, which manufactures Kirkland golf clubs with attention to detail and superior quality. With the Kirkland Signature 1 golf club, golfers can enjoy a cost-effective alternative to more expensive options like Callaway golf clubs, while still benefiting from a high-quality product approved by the USGA Informational Club Database.

The Kirkland Signature 1 golf club is designed to provide golfers with a great playing experience.

Golf Club Manufacturer

The manufacturer of Kirkland golf clubs, Southern California Design Company, focuses on providing high-quality golf equipment at competitive prices. This commitment to quality and affordability is reflected in the production of Kirkland golf clubs, further solidifying Costco’s reputation as a provider of budget-friendly golf equipment.

Kirkland golf clubs are designed to provide golfers with the best possible performance, while still providing golfers with the best possible performance.

The Impact on the Golf Industry

Kirkland golf balls have made a significant impact on the golf industry, offering budget-conscious golfers a quality alternative to premium brands. The company that makes them has not only stimulated competition among golf ball manufacturers but has also encouraged more individuals to participate in the sport, thus aiding in the growth of the industry.

The Kirkland golf ball’s combination of performance and affordability has resonated with golfers, leading to positive reviews and experiences. As golfers continue to appreciate the value offered by Kirkland golf balls, it’s clear that their impact on the golf industry is far-reaching and will continue to shape the market for years to come.

User Reviews and Experiences

User reviews and experiences with Kirkland golf balls are generally positive, with golfers appreciating the balance of performance and affordability. Golfers commend the Kirkland Performance+ golf ball for its low launch, high spin design, and consistent performance it provides on the golf course.

In conclusion, the overall sentiment towards Kirkland golf balls is favorable, as golfers appreciate the combination of performance and cost-effectiveness they offer. As more golfers discover the benefits of using Kirkland golf balls, their popularity is likely to continue growing, further solidifying their place in the golf industry.


In summary, Kirkland golf balls have emerged as a popular and budget-friendly alternative to premium golf ball brands like Titleist and Callaway. Manufactured by Qingdao SM. Parker and potentially connected to Nassau Golf, these golf balls offer golfers an affordable option without compromising on performance or quality.

As we’ve explored the world of Kirkland golf balls, it’s clear that their impact on the golf industry is substantial, offering golfers a cost-effective and performance-driven alternative to premium brands. As more golfers discover the benefits of Kirkland golf balls, their legacy in the golf industry will continue to grow and shape the market for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Titleist sue Kirkland?

Titleist sued Kirkland due to their original golf ball design being too similar to the company’s Pro V1. However, the latest design is comparable to other popular golf balls but not as good.

It is clear that Titleist is trying to protect their brand and design from being copied. They have taken legal action to ensure that their design is not replicated.

Kirkland’s latest news is Kirkland’s latest news.

Is Kirkland and Titleist the same?

No, Kirkland and Titleist are not the same; there is a difference in the spin rates, with the Kirkland offering a higher spin off the tee by about 200 rpm.

This higher spin rate can help golfers achieve more distance and accuracy off the tee.

What do the numbers on Kirkland golf balls mean?

The numbers on Kirkland golf balls signify their identification or compression level; single-digits indicate the former, while double-digits indicate the latter.

Who manufactures Kirkland golf balls?

Kirkland golf balls are manufactured by Qingdao SM Parker, a Chinese sports equipment company, with possible ties to Nassau Golf in Korea.

This company has been producing golf balls for over a decade, and their products are known for their quality and affordability. They have become a popular choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Kirkland golf balls are designed for golf.

What is the difference between Kirkland Performance+ and the discontinued Kirkland 4-piece ball?

The Kirkland Performance+ is a popular 3-piece golf ball, while the 4-piece ball has been discontinued due to legal issues and quality concerns.


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  • I’ve found the balls, four or five, put of 2 different dozen boxes I purchased, to feel a bit “squishy” (lower compression?) and not react very well off iron face. Will not be a continuing customer. My 2 dozen, less one in a lake which carried waaayyy less than anticipated, going to the First Tee.

    • Hey Wesley!

      The feeling of them being a bit “squishy” could indeed be related to lower compression, and it’s clear they didn’t react the way you anticipated off the iron face.

      I totally get why you won’t be a continuing customer, but hey, at least the First Tee will get some new balls out of it and benefit from the donation!!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and if you find a brand that works better for you, let us know.

      Take Care,


    • Hi Ken,

      Great question! Yes, there are definitely major brand golf balls made right here in the USA. Titleist, for example, manufactures many of their golf balls in Massachusetts. They’re known for their quality, and many professional golfers swear by them.

      Callaway is another big name that produces golf balls in the States. They’ve got facilities in California and are recognized for their innovation in golf ball technology.

      So, if you’re looking to support American-made products, you’ve got some solid options on the green. Happy golfing, and let me know if you have any more questions!


    • Ah, busted! You got me – I’m actually the undercover agent for the Kirkland/Costco golf ball empire.

      Kidding, of course! I’m not affiliated with either company.

      My blog post is purely informational, and I’m just here to give you the lowdown on Kirkland’s golf balls compared to other big players in the market.

      If you have any more wild theories, I’m all ears! But rest assured, my only agenda is providing the facts and comparisons for my readers.


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