October 19, 2023

Best Golf In Caribbean

Looking to tee off in paradise? Look no further than the Caribbean, where the best golf awaits you.

Picture this: a lush green fairway stretching out before you, the warm ocean breeze caressing your face.

With legendary courses in Jamaica, unforgettable experiences in Puerto Rico, hidden gems in the Bahamas, and luxury retreats in St. Lucia, the Caribbean offers golfers the ultimate freedom to play, relax, and indulge in the beauty of the islands.

Get ready to swing for the greens and experience golfing like never before in the Caribbean.

The Legendary Golf Courses of Jamaica

Amidst the rhythm of reggae and the allure of endless beaches, Jamaica unveils a golfer’s dream. The island is not only a melody of culture and nature, but a haven of greens waiting to be explored. As you walk through the meticulously manicured fairways, every swing you take is a melody, every hole a new verse. Here’s a glimpse of two legendary golf courses in Jamaica that promise a blend of challenge, beauty, and the essence of Caribbean golf:

Tryall Club: Where Prestige Meets the Fairway

  • Location: Set in the heart of Montego Bay, the Tryall Club is a world where luxury meets the love for golf.
  • Designer: The genius of renowned golf architect Ralph Plummer is etched in every fairway, every bunker of this course.
  • Course: The 18-hole championship course is a realm where each hole is a challenge, each view a masterpiece.
  • Experience: From its lush green fairways to the strategic bunkers, and the endless ocean that stands as a witness to your game, the Tryall Club isn’t just a course, it’s where golfing legends are made. Discover the Tryall Club

Half Moon Golf Course: Your Slice of Golfing Paradise

  • Location: Nestled within the opulent embrace of the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay.
  • Designer: Designed by the mastermind Robert Trent Jones Sr., this course is a testament to golfing excellence.
  • Course: A course that welcomes golfers of all skill levels, it’s where challenges meet the charms of Caribbean golf.
  • Experience: With its perfectly manicured greens and the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop, every round here is not just a game, it’s a memory etched against the horizon. Explore the Half Moon Golf Course

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course: Where History Meets the Fairway

Location: Set against the historic backdrop of Rose Hall in Montego Bay, the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course is a canvas of natural beauty intertwined with the essence of the sport.

Designer: Created with a blend of historical elegance and modern golfing standards, this course stands as a testament to the ageless charm of golf.

Course: The layout of the course is a melody of challenges with a rhythm of ease, offering golfers a chance to immerse in the game while soaking in the beauty of Jamaica.

Experience: With aquamarine shores on one side and ancient aqueducts on the other, every hole is a journey through time and nature, making the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course a haven for golf enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Discover the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

White Witch Golf Course: A Hauntingly Beautiful Golfing Encounter

Location: Also located in Rose Hall, Montego Bay, the White Witch Golf Course is where the mystical ambiance of Jamaica meets the sport.

Designer: Carved through the rolling countryside of Jamaica, this course is a masterpiece showcasing the natural contours and beauty of the island.

Course: The 18-hole course with its panoramic views and challenging layout promises a memorable golfing adventure.

Experience: Named after the legendary White Witch of Rose Hall, the course offers a hauntingly beautiful setting for a round of golf amidst the gentle breeze and the whispers of the ancient tales. Discover the White Witch Golf Course

These legendary golf courses in Jamaica offer more than just a round of golf. They promise an immersive experience blending the challenge of the game with the mesmerizing beauty and rich history of the island.

These are just some of the many jewels in Jamaica’s golfing crown. As you venture through these courses, you don’t just play a game; you live a golfing tale told by the whisper of the Caribbean breeze and the rhythm of your swing. So, when the fairways of Jamaica beckon, you know a legendary golfing adventure awaits.

Teeing Off in Paradise: Golfing in the Dominican Republic

Amidst the blue waves of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic emerges as a golfer’s paradise. This tropical haven isn’t just about sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear waters; it’s a golfing adventure waiting to happen. Here, every swing you take resonates with the whisper of palm leaves, and the horizon is your audience. Let’s delve into five remarkable golf courses that are reason enough to pack your clubs and head to the Dominican Republic:

Punta Espada Golf Club: Your Fairway to the Ocean

  • Location: Nestled in the luxurious lap of Cap Cana.
  • Designer: A masterpiece carved by the legendary Jack Nicklaus.
  • Experience: Offering a blend of challenging holes with a backdrop of breathtaking ocean vistas, it’s a course that challenges and cherishes every golfer. Explore the Punta Espada Golf Club

Teeth of the Dog: Where the Greens Meet the Caribbean

  • Location: Set in the heart of Casa de Campo.
  • Designer: Designed by the illustrious Pete Dye.
  • Experience: Known for its dramatic cliff-side holes and serene seaside views, it’s a course that is as thrilling as it is beautiful. Discover Teeth of the Dog

Corales Golf Club: A Symphony of Waves and Fairways

  • Location: Another jewel in Punta Cana.
  • Designer: Crafted by the renowned Tom Fazio.
  • Experience: With its dramatic coastline holes and endless ocean views, it’s a course where every hole tells a tale of the sea. Uncover the Corales Golf Club

La Cana Golf Course: The Caribbean’s Challenging Beauty

  • Location: Located in the golfing heartland of Punta Cana.
  • Designer: Conceived by P.B. Dye.
  • Experience: Known for its challenging layout and scenic beauty, it’s a course where every hole is a photograph waiting to be captured. Explore La Cana Golf Course

Casa de Campo: The Luxury Golf Triad

  • Location: Set amidst the opulence of Casa de Campo Resort.
  • Courses: Home to three world-class courses – Teeth of the Dog, Links, and Dye Fore.
  • Experience: After a riveting day on the greens, retire to the resort’s luxurious accommodations or indulge in the plethora of amenities awaiting you. Discover the Golf Haven at Casa de Campo

Each swing, each putt, each course in the Dominican Republic isn’t just a game; it’s a journey through meticulously designed fairways, against the mesmerizing palette of the Caribbean.

So, as you jot down your golfing bucket list, etch the Dominican Republic on top, for it promises a golfing saga that’s as endless as the horizon that accompanies it.

Unforgettable Golf Experiences in Puerto Rico

You’ll never forget the incredible golf experiences that await you in Puerto Rico. This beautiful Caribbean island isn’t only known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, but also for its challenging golf courses and breathtaking views. Puerto Rico offers a variety of world-class golf courses that cater to all levels of players, from beginners to professionals.

Royal Isabela: A Royal Golfing Adventure

Location: Perched along the mesmerizing northwest coast, Royal Isabela is where the Caribbean waves cheer for every stroke of your club.

Designer: Meticulously sculpted by professional hands, every fairway and green here is a narrative of golfing excellence.

Course: The course isn’t just a layout of holes, it’s a challenging voyage with dramatic ocean views and rugged terrain serving as the backdrop.

Experience: At Royal Isabela, every game is a thrilling narrative with the ocean and terrain as your companions, testing and applauding your skills with every swing. Discover the Royal Isabela

Dorado Beach Resort: A Scenic Tryst with Golf

Location: Nestled amidst a luxurious embrace, Dorado Beach Resort is where golf is a scenic poetry.

Designer: With courses designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones Sr., every hole here is a signature of golfing allure.

Course: The resort hosts three breathtaking courses, but the East Course is a special mention with its eye-soothing views of the coastline and challenging layout.

Experience: As you traverse through the lush fairways, with the ocean as your audience, the Dorado Beach Resort ensures that every game here is a picturesque memory etched in your heart. Explore Dorado Beach Resort

Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club: Where Leisure Meets the Fairway

Location: The serene enclave of Rio Grande is home to the Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club, a realm where golf is a leisurely rendezvous with nature.

Designer: The course is a brilliant craftsmanship that balances the challenge of the game with the serene beauty of Puerto Rico.

Course: As you tee off amidst the whispering palms and serene waters, every hole is a leisurely challenge awaiting your conquering swing.

Experience: The Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club isn’t just a course; it’s where the tranquility of nature and the passion for golf coalesce into a serene yet exhilarating golfing adventure. Discover Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club

Embrace the allure of Puerto Rico, where every golf course is a unique narrative of challenge, beauty, and unforgettable memories. So, as the Caribbean breeze whispers through the fairways, get ready to etch your own golfing story on the picturesque greens of Puerto Rico.

Bahamas’ Hidden Fairways: An Unexplored Golfer’s Paradise

When you think of the Bahamas, the image that often springs to mind is one of pristine beaches and tranquil turquoise waters. But nestled amidst the archipelago’s tropical beauty are greens and fairways that beckon the golf enthusiast in you. The Bahamas, a golfer’s haven, is awaiting discovery with courses that promise not just a game, but an escapade. Here, we unveil five golf retreats that are the epitome of leisure and luxury:

Treasure Cay Golf Club: Where Fairways Kiss the Ocean

  • Location: Abaco Island, a picturesque wonder in the Bahamas.
  • Course: An 18-hole championship course, a realm where every swing is accompanied by ocean vistas.
  • Experience: Traverse through fairways that wind amidst tropical splendors, with the Atlantic as your audience.

Discover the Treasure Cay Golf Club

The Royal Blue Golf Club: Jack Nicklaus’ Caribbean Legacy

  • Location: Nestled in the heart of Baha Mar resort in Nassau.
  • Course: A Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, where golfing adventure comes with a splash of luxury.
  • Experience: Engage in a game where the greens are as inviting as the sparkling lakes that guard them.

Explore the Royal Blue Golf Club

The Reef Golf Course: Your Slice of Paradise

  • Location: Paradise Island, a name that speaks for itself.
  • Course: A 9-hole course that’s a rendezvous of challenges and panoramic ocean views.
  • Experience: Test your golfing mettle on a course where the layout is as captivating as the surrounding seascape.

Uncover The Reef Golf Course

Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course: Where Greens Meet the Azure

  • Location: The secluded haven of Great Exuma Island.
  • Course: A Greg Norman-designed masterpiece set against a backdrop of endless turquoise waters.
  • Experience: Tee off on greens that are bordered by white sandy beaches, a sight to behold and a game to remember.

Explore Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course

Abaco Club on Winding Bay: Scottish Links amidst Caribbean Blues

  • Location: Great Abaco Island, a blend of Scottish charm and Caribbean allure.
  • Course: A Scottish-style links course that offers a unique golfing journey amidst rolling fairways and challenging bunkers.
  • Experience: Indulge in a game where the Scottish winds seem to whisper through the Bahamian palms.

Discover the Abaco Club on Winding Bay

These unexplored golf havens in the Bahamas offer more than just a game. They offer an experience that’s a blend of leisure, luxury, and the love for golf. As you plan your next golf escapade, let the hidden fairways of the Bahamas lead you to a treasure trove of golfing adventures that are waiting to be discovered.

Top Golf Retreats in St. Lucia: Where Luxury Meets the Fairway

St. Lucia, a gem in the heart of the Caribbean, is a haven for golf enthusiasts looking to blend their love for the sport with a touch of luxury. The island doesn’t just promise a swing alongside the gentle sea breeze; it offers a rendezvous with opulence at every tee. Here’s a roundup of the plush golf retreats in St. Lucia that promise to make your golfing holiday a lavish affair:

Sandals Golf & Country Club: Your Scenic Golf Playground

  • Location: Nestled in the verdant hills of Cap Estate
  • Course: A 9-hole course welcoming golfers of all skill levels
  • Scenic Appeal: Mesmerizing vistas of the Caribbean Sea and the neighboring Pigeon Island National Park.
  • Experience: Engage in a challenging round of golf while the panoramic beauty of St. Lucia keeps your spirits high.

Explore Sandals Golf & Country Club

Jade Mountain Resort: The Epitome of Luxury

  • Location: Perched on a hillside with the iconic Pitons as your backdrop
  • Golfing Venture: Gain access to the nearby St. Lucia Golf Club
  • Luxury Quotient: Infinity pool suites, private butler service, and a rendezvous with serenity.
  • Experience: It’s where the love for golf meets the lap of luxury, a retreat that’s every bit indulgent.

Discover the opulence at Jade Mountain Resort

St. Lucia Golf Club: The Golfer’s Paradise

  • Location: Positioned in the northern part of the island, near Rodney Bay
  • Course: An 18-hole championship course that promises a game filled with zest.
  • Scenic Appeal: The course’s elevated tees offer an unobstructed view of the Caribbean.
  • Experience: Tee off amidst the gentle whispers of the sea breeze and the caressing warmth of the sun.

Embark on a golfing expedition at St. Lucia Golf Club

Cap Estate Golf Club: Where Green Meets Blue

  • Location: Situated in the upscale area of Cap Estate
  • Course: A challenging 18-hole course that’s every golfer’s dream
  • Scenic Appeal: The course offers a visual treat with views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
  • Experience: A golfing experience that’s wrapped in nature’s finest, offering a serene yet challenging game.

Experience golfing at Cap Estate Golf Club

St. Lucia doesn’t just offer a golf retreat; it offers a journey adorned with luxury, scenic beauty, and the promise of a game that’s both stimulating and relaxing. So, as you plan your next golfing adventure, let the fairways of St. Lucia beckon, promising a blend of leisure and luxury that’s unparalleled.


As you conclude your golfing journey through the Caribbean, you can’t help but feel like a bird soaring through the vast blue skies, your golf club an extension of your wings.

The legendary golf courses of Jamaica, the paradise of the Dominican Republic, the unforgettable experiences in Puerto Rico, and the hidden gems of the Bahamas have all left an indelible mark on your soul.

And as you rest in the lap of luxury in St. Lucia, you realize that this golfing retreat wasn’t just a vacation, but a transformative journey of the spirit.

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