April 19, 2023

What Is A Gimme In Golf?

In this article, we’ll address the age-old question – “What is a gimme in golf?”. For those who have ever been on the golf course, you know that it can be a great way to spend time outdoors. It’s also full of unique terminology and jargon, which often leaves newcomers feeling confused or left out.

One such term is ‘gimme’, which has developed its own meaning among golfers everywhere. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just getting started, understanding what gimmes are all about can help enhance your game and give you more freedom on the green.

Golfing isn’t always easy – there are rules to follow and obstacles in our way. But knowing how to properly use a gimme can make things much easier for everyone involved.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what exactly a gimme is and how it works. We’ll also explore why using them wisely adds another layer of fun to every round of golf! So let’s get started with exploring the world of gimmes.

What Is A Gimme In Golf?

So, What Is A Gimme In Golf? Well, A ‘gimme’ in golf is a courtesy given to players on the green. It’s an informal agreement between opponents that a short putt can be picked up without being holed out, with no penalty or consequence. A gimme gives players an advantage over their rivals and may help speed up play.

The etiquette of giving and taking a gimme varies from course to course. Generally speaking, it’s considered acceptable for a player to pick up his own ball if he feels confident he could make the shot, but it should only be done after consulting with your opponent(s).

When playing on public courses, you may find other players will offer each other gimmes when they feel like it’s deserved. However, this isn’t always the case; some people might not want to give away any advantages at all! Ultimately, the decision whether or not to allow a gimme lies with both parties involved – agree beforehand and abide by whatever rules are set.

When To Use A Gimme

As a golfer, understanding the concept of a gimme is key to becoming both an etiquette master and well-respected on the course.

A gimme refers to a putt that’s so short or easy that your playing partner(s) agree it does not need to be holed out; instead, you can pick up your ball before putting it in the cup. This gesture brings about certain social norms and protocols amongst golfers – as long as everyone agrees, then it’s perfectly acceptable!

When deciding whether or not to use a gimme, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. Firstly, some courses have strict rules against using them – if this is the case then they should definitely not be used! Secondly, consider how away from the hole the ball lies; if it’s more than one foot away then picking it up won’t save much time anyway. Finally, understand the etiquette involved: don’t expect others to give you a ‘gift’, but offer them one when appropriate.

Being thoughtful towards other players shows respect for their game and will help ensure everyone has an enjoyable round of golf.

Benefits Of Using A Gimme

Golfers have long appreciated the convenience of a gimme, not just for its practicality but also as part of on-course etiquette. A gimme is a putt that everyone on the course agrees can be picked up without affecting scoring or overall standings, and it’s become an integral part of recreational play.

But there are more than just social benefits to using a gimme; in fact, experienced golfers recognize that honing your putting technique with them can improve your game.

The primary benefit of using a gimme is that you get immediate feedback on how well you read the green and assess the speed of each stroke. Even if it doesn’t affect scorekeeping, this practice allows you to test out different strategies while still enjoying yourself on the course.

With every successful gimme, you gain confidence in your ability to gauge distance accurately and keep your ball consistently on track—skills necessary for making those all-important shots during tournament play. So don’t discount their value: when used correctly, gimmes are an excellent way to boost your performance out on the links.

Rules Surrounding Gimmes

Gimmes in golf are a source of controversy and disagreement. On one hand, they’re often seen as social norms – friendly gestures made by players to save time on the course or make things easier for their opponents. But when it comes to competitive play, gimmes can quickly become contentious: should someone receive a free shot simply because his opponent concedes it?

The rules surrounding gimmes vary from place to place, but some general guidelines exist that may help alleviate any potential conflict. For example, if playing with friends, always let your opponents know before you offer them a gimme; conversely, don’t be afraid to take advantage of an offered gimme if you feel like it’s warranted.


  • When playing at a tournament or other competitive event:
  • Don’t give away too many gimmes – generally speaking, only concede putts within two feet (or less).
  • Remember that there is no hard-and-fast rule about what constitutes a “gimmie” so use common sense and fairness when giving out these shots.
  • Make sure all parties involved understand what is expected regarding gimmes so everyone feels equally respected during play.

Ultimately, understanding how to handle gimmes correctly will help keep the game enjoyable and fun while also ensuring fair competition between players. So even though disagreements may arise now and then over whether or not a particular shot qualifies as a gimmie, remembering these basic tips will go a long way towards keeping tempers in check and promoting good sportsmanship among those participating in the round of golf.

Etiquette Of Using A Gimme

Gimmes are a casual play perk that can add some fun on the golf course, but there is also etiquette to using them.

Of course etiquette when it comes to gimme putts depends largely on who you’re playing with and what type of game they prefer.

Generally speaking, if your group follows traditional golf rules, then it’s unlikely any member will be able to take advantage of this informal rule.

However, in more casual games such as those played at social clubs or between friends, many people use the gimme option freely when the situation calls for it.

In these cases, players should agree before teeing off on how generous they want to be with their gimmes; otherwise, arguments may arise over whether someone has taken too much of an advantage or not enough.

All players should respect each other’s judgment and abide by the agreed-upon rules during the round.

As long as everyone remains respectful throughout their rounds, taking a few extra liberties here and there shouldn’t ruin anyone’s good time out on the links!


Gimmes are a great way to make golf more enjoyable for all players. They reduce the time it takes to play, and encourage friendly competition between friends.

Despite their benefits, there are still rules and etiquette that should be followed when using gimmes on the course. Knowing when and how to use them can help create an even playing field while also showing respect for your opponents.

So next time you’re out on the links, remember: gimme or no gimme, have fun – but keep it fair!

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