June 21, 2022

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use?

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use?

Just what clubs DOES Tiger Woods Use? Well, as you know - Tiger Woods is often considered to be a living legend in the sport of golf. His track record and overall performance spanning the decades of his career can speak for themselves.

This success, we’re sure, is due to his skill and experience along with a good measure of talent. That being said, what good are those things without the equipment to back them up?

The contents of Woods’ bag have always been eyed by many golfers looking to replicate his winning formula. What a professional like him chooses to use for his games is definitely of interest to those looking to win tournaments of their own.

So, together, let’s look into what clubs does Tiger Woods use:

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Tiger Woods, Fairway Woods


  • (Driver) TaylorMade M3 19°, (Shaft) Diamana D+ Whiteboard 80TX
  • TaylorMade P770 (2-3)
  • TaylorMade P7TW (4-PW)
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts

The contents of Woods’ bag have varied over the years but he seems to consistently favor the brands Mizuno, Titleist, and TaylorMade.

Many of his TaylorMade clubs are well-known in the sport as having what’s known as a Tungsten Energy Core embedded in the club head. This feature lends a lot of weight to them, offering better control and ball speed to complement his powerful swings.

All of his clubs are forged or bladed irons. 

These provide a better feel and are highly responsive, making it easier for a player to create consistency in his or her swings. They also have compact club heads, sacrificing forgiveness in exchange for control, accuracy, and speed. This means that his woods and irons are more suited for other professional or low-handicappers rather than mid-handicappers or beginners. 

According to their website, the True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts have the distinction of being one of the most successful shafts in the history of golf. Indeed, It continues to be one of the most popular options on professional tours, being designed for players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy. The shafts also hold the industry's tightest weight tolerance, going a long way to providing the exacting performance demanded by the best players.


  • TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 “Tiger MT Grind”,  56˚ and 60˚
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts

Although the player has used different brands of wedges over his long career, Tiger Woods’s current favorites right are two TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 models which have 56 and 60 degrees of loft. 

He appears to be lacking a gap wedge but this might be compensated by his sand wedge, which might be stronger than the 56°. Either that or his PW may be a touch weaker.

The lack of a gap wedge allows him more options at the top end of the bag, hence a set of irons from 2/3-PW.

With the USGA allowing each golfer to carry only a maximum of 14 clubs at a time, Woods might have sacrificed the wedge he needed least in favor of more iron options.

These wedges are paired with his favored True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts which is also the same brand he uses for his irons and woods.


  • Titleist Scotty Cameron GSS Newport 2

Long-trusted for its angular, mechanical profile, this model of putter has a refined topline radius milling for a slightly thinner appearance from the address. The standard loft of this putter is 3.5 degrees with a lie of 75 degrees.

This is the putter that Tiger Woods seems to keep going back to, although another GSS Newport 2 putter, is what he used to win all but one of his 15 championships.

This very putter was sold in caution for upwards of $40,000. Instead of trying out a new model or another brand, Woods instead opted to go with the same lucky model he’s used for so many games. 


  • TaylorMade Stealth Plus (9 degrees at 8.25)
  • Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Limited 60 TX shaft

The TaylorMade Stealth Plus is a club made for the lowest, most far-reaching strikes, with the maximum amount of spin.

With features like Carbon Twist Face – comprising 60 layers of carbon sheets strategically arranged for better energy transfer and faster ball speeds across a large area of the face, compact and matte black design, and an innovative nanotexture cover for optimal friction on impact. The #9 drivers have a loft of 8.25 degrees.

He has decided to pair this fine piece of work with the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Limited 60 TX shaft that offers a heavier weighted profile with maximum stability in the tip and butt section.

These innovations deliver a lower launching, lower spinning ball flight for the player looking for a more penetrating ball flight.

Other Gear:

Golf Shoes & Attire

Due to a deal with the company back in 2016, Tiger Woods usually uses a Bridgestone Tour B XS prototype golf ball.

These balls are designed especially for him and are reported to be fast off the face and low spinning in the long game.

This greatly benefits the player’s excellent distance and accuracy with a fast swing. It’s soft, spinny, and tends to be consistent as well in the short game. It also feels controlled when being hit with the putter. 

After many years of using Nike in all his professional games, Tiger Woods broke this tradition in the 2022 Masters tournament when he showed up wearing the FootJoy Premiere Series Packard golf shoes. He was wearing black and white pairs but he has now switched again to the Tarlow model in the range. 

It has a distinctive cap-toe design but is infamously comfortable with its sheepskin inside the shoe. The spiked outsole provides excellent grip and stability in a game played on uneven terrain for hours on end. 

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Important Note…

And that was the answer to the question of what clubs Tiger Woods uses and more. It’s worth noting though that the contents of his bag change depending on the course and conditions.

The items listed here are the ones he uses as of the writing of this article and is subject to change. 

With that being said, it is obvious that Tiger Woods only uses high-quality gear whenever he plays.

Anyone of these clubs can benefit a golfer greatly, as long as he/she knows how to use it.

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